How Much Of a Band Geek Are You?

So many people are in band but not very many of them are a true band geek. So if you are one of these people in band who think that you are a band geek then you might want to take this quiz to see how much of a band geek you really are.

Are you sure that you are a band geek? How sure are you? Are you band geek enough to take this quiz? If you take this quiz it makes you part band geek already! So quick take this quiz and see how much you are.

Created by: Cole
  1. Are you in marching band?
  2. Do you name your instrument?
  3. Are all of your friends in band?
  4. Do you still remember songs from shows 3 years ago?
  5. Do you get in a group and sing these songs mentioned in #6?
  6. Is your favorite outfit is your uniform?
  7. Do you give your director a nickname?
  8. Do you the letters 'I-Z' mean anything to you?
  9. Do you like it when people call you a band geek?
  10. Do you roll step to class?
  11. Do you know several ways to fall asleep on the bus?
  12. Do you miss riding the bus?
  13. Are you comfortable in your uniform?
  14. Do you wear your band shirt in public?
  15. Do you call the band your family?
  16. Do you try to hide the fact that you are in band?
  17. Can you play more than one instrument?
  18. Do you create 'signs you've been in band too long' lists?
  19. Are you planing to force your children to join band?
  20. Do you consider marking time an exercise?
  21. Do you mind changing on the bus?
  22. Do you know that when your director says "one more time" it really means 10?
  23. Do you think that you look sexy in your band uniform?
  24. Do you make up more awards that they should hand out at competitions?
  25. Do you ever get Dr. Beat stuck in your head?
  26. Do you practice your instrument instead of doing your homework?
  27. Do you ever try to dress the rows of desks in class?
  28. Do you wear your drill masters to school?
  29. Do you have sock tan lines from band camp?
  30. Do you have the drum cadence memorized?
  31. Do you think that your director owns your soul?

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Quiz topic: How Much Of a Band Geek am I?