Are you a drama geek?

We all have a special talent.on this quiz you will see if you are a drama geek and true performer! _______________________________________________------

you get to see how much of a drama geek you are by answering these questions. (Don't let your score affect your life!)_____________________________________

Created by: AJ

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  1. Do you like Acting?
  2. Do you like making homemade movies?
  3. If you could bring one back from the dead would you choose audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe?
  4. Do you like Shakespeare(be Honest)
  5. Have you ever been In a play?
  6. Are or where you popular in school?
  7. If you could be famous what for?
  8. Are you good at mesmerizing lines
  9. Why would you want to become famous
  10. Do you get stage fright
  11. Are you In a acting group?
  12. Do you like old movies and old tv shows

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Quiz topic: Am I a drama geek?