How band geekish are you?

There are many band members, but few people can truly live up to the term "band geek". Are you just another band wannabe? or do you have the skills, the power, and the loyalty to become the greatest band geek of all.

I reccommend not taking if you are not a member of the FHS band... as many of the questions contain inside band jokes. And if you are not a member of the FHS band, expect below a 50%... :) unless you are a FHS band wannabe. In which case awesome.

Created by: Rachel
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  1. Are you in the band?
  2. Do you actually enjoy band camp?
  3. What do you play?
  4. After hearing the word phasing over 100 times, do you actually know what it means?
  6. Fundi's block
  7. Do you know what the term "8 to 5" means?
  8. If i say the words "long bus rides" what is the first thing to come to mind?
  9. when I say "Fun" you say...
  10. When I say "the whole band on one bus" you say...
  11. Finish the statement... "Band camp..."
  12. Can you perform all of these basic moves: attention, parade rest, at ease, half turn, mark time, high mark time, horns up, the box, etc.
  13. When I say "the assention" you say...
  14. What is the worst room to have sectionals in?
  15. can you do "the lip thing" practiced during clarinet sectionals.
  16. The best band we met in 2006 was:
  17. on a band bus you can hear...
  18. Finally, choose the most painful thing engaged by band geeks of the following

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Quiz topic: How band geekish am I?