are you a band geek?

there are a few true band geeks in this world but very few of them have gone on to being professionals or to become into a band director. a band geek is someone who is willing to give it all they got to become a professional or to become a band director.

are you a band geek? are you willing to give it a try? are you willing to practice your heart out untill you get the misic right? if you are then i will consider you a band geek.

Created by: marina
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  1. were you in a school band when you were in middle school?
  2. if you were in a school band did you show pride in it?
  3. did you like your band dirctor?
  4. did you ever do the parades?
  5. did you purposely go to the nurse to get out of band class?
  6. was the music too hard for your level?
  7. were you a suck up to the director?
  8. did you have a jazz band?
  9. were you in the band program all three years of middle school
  10. what instrument did you play?

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Quiz topic: Am I a band geek?