Which Orchard Hollow Student are you?

If you attended Orchard Hollow Elementary School, than please wait no longer to take this quiz. After answering 12 unique questions you will find out which Orchard Hollow Alumni you really are inside.

Take this quiz! It's a walk down memory lane. Be sure to tell friends about this new and exciting quiz, maybe you're even in the game. Click the quiz to find out!

Created by: B.M.Stroud
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  1. Which one of these personality traits best describe you?
  2. If you saw one of the following items laying in the middle of the street during on going traffic, which one of them would you be most likely to run out and get?
  3. Which one of these locations would you feel most at home?
  4. Which one of these things makes you the most sick?
  5. Which one of these quotes do you most agree with?
  6. Which of these movies is your favorite?
  7. During a confrontation that you are involved with, you would most likely?
  8. If you could torture someone that you hate and could do so with a voodoo doll, what would you do to the doll?
  9. What is your favorite color?
  10. When I have a boyfriend/girlfriend, I most enjoy doing what with them?

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Quiz topic: Which Orchard Hollow Student am I?