Which Kind Of Law Student Are You?

Law school is romanticized by television executives. Only those of us in the trenches know what it is really like to co-exist with the myriad of people and personalities that show up to class each day.

So, which law student are YOU? Are you the annoying Gunner that everyone hates or are you the rare, balanced law student? In a few minutes, the answer will be yours!

Created by: Anne of Diary of a Law School Mom
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  1. You have attended every session of Westlaw and Lexis training offered at your school.
  2. When you are done with classes for the day you:
  3. Your favorite genre of literature is
  4. Your favorite law school event is
  5. You attend review sessions
  6. You start your Summer job search
  7. When called on in class you know the answer
  8. Law school is for
  9. After law school you plan to
  10. This quiz is

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Quiz topic: Which Kind Of Law Student am I?