what kind of perso are you

take this quize to find out about what kid of person you really are come on you know you want to take it it sounds like fun come on try you don't have to believe it but it is probley true

you can be a happy person or sad or even... you'll have to take it first come on yu know you want to try please please you could turn out to be the greatest person i know or not

Created by: sososammy

  1. how would react to someone cutting you in line?
  2. what is your fav color?
  3. your game/toy/thing you ordered is going to come late you would...
  4. you get to drive by yourself the first place you would go is
  5. you find 10$ you would...
  6. you are told to clean your room you...
  7. whats your fav #?
  8. how do you react to being woken up?
  9. what your fav day
  10. do you like your pic taken?

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Quiz topic: What kind of perso am I