The Other Side: The Party III

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Welcome to the third part of the masquerade party from The Other Side. This will be the last part about the party, except if I decide I'm going to write maybe one more from someone else's view. If by now, you haven't read the other 3 parts preceding this one, you might want to so that this story can make better sense to you.

If anything needs clearing up, post a comment, and I'll reply. Also, post your thoughts/opinion/etc in the comments, I like to know how I'm doing and what the readers think :) As long as they're not rude or spam-like, I don't mind long comments or discussions at all!

Created by: xxblutixx
  1. I follow the gray beak masked guest through the crowd, mostly keeping track of his royal blue coat which, since unbuttoned, billows out behind him as he moves through the crowd. Even with such a distinguishing coat, I find it hard to follow because of the density of the crowd and the variety of other colors of costumes that distract me. It's almost like the guy was trying to shake off tails, the way he kept dodging through the crowd indirectly, but I know he couldn't have possibly spotted me because he hasn't turned to look behind him once. He must just be paranoid. I don't even know why I'm following him. Just, some aspect of this guy seems off or something, and I have this strong pull that's telling me I need to investigate what this guy is into.
  2. Eventually, he gets out of the ballroom, and I push my way out of the crowd into the hallway. It's darker here without the party lights, but the edges of the hallway are lined with rope lighting like at a movie theater. The guy is nowhere to be seen, but he could've gone only two ways: left or right. If he disappeared this quickly, I'm pretty sure he went right because left leads to the entance and foyer which is tiled and would make a lot of noise... well unless he flew, but I think it's more likely that he must've went into one of the many rooms lining the hallway to the right. I put my ear up to the first door. No sound. I'll have to check anyway, so I take a deep breath and push open the door...
  3. No one is directly visible from doorway, but to make sure, I take a few steps hesistantly into the room. Badoom. The door closes, and the guy, who was behind the door, steps in front of it with his arms crossed. "Why are you following me?" he demands. I can already tell by the expression on his face that he knows I was the one who ran into him before. "Who said I was following you?" I respond, hoping I can pretend innocence.
  4. It doesn't work. "Who are you?" he asks, narrowing his eyes. I fumble for a response, but before I can come up with anything good, he walks up to me and takes my mask off. "Hey!" I protest, but he doesn't pay attention. He looks like he's seen a ghost. "Vi," he says as if wishing it were anyone else. Immeadiately, he turns around, briskly walking to exit the room, but I won't let him leave without answers. What is it that makes this guy seem so suspicious?
  5. I judge the distance and jump, pinning him facefirst down to the floor. When I do, I notice something odd; my knee passes through his right wing. It's an illusion. I reach for the left wing and feel the creamy golden feathers under my fingers. They're real, but the right wing is anything but. There's only one person I know with these color feathers and only a left wing. "No, it can't be..." I mutter. "That's what I thought too," he says testily.
  6. There's no doubt about it. It's Jack. He's used to be part of Blake's team because they're cousins. He hasn't been seen since 2 years ago when he set our headquarters on fire after a BIG argument with Blake. I, as well as many others, had thought he had died in the fire, but apparently not. I let him up, but lead him to the bed in the room. "Sit," I command. "I don't know why we have to do this, Vi," Jack sighs wearily as he sits down on the mattress.
  7. "Blake told me you died," I state through gritted teeth. "Well we both know Blake will say anything, don't we?" he says. "Why?" I ask. "Why what?" he responds. "Why did you do it? Why did you not come back? Why did you not tell me?" I have to stop myself from asking all the questions racing through my mind. He stands up, and I stand in front of him to block him. "Vi, I have to go, can you please move?" he requests.
  8. "No," I answer. "Vixla," he brings out my full first name, "I need to leave." "No, not until you explain yourself at least," I say. "Please move, Vixla. I don't want to have to hurt you," Jack says geniunely. "Right, you promised me that. Too bad you already broke it," I glare at him, "Now I might have to break mine too to be even. Stay." I look directly into his eyes. No one I've met has had such blue eyes; I should've known it was him from the beginning. He probably thought I knew from the beginning. If I had knew, I could've avoided this and let the past lie, but now that I have to face it, I won't face it halfway; I need answers.
  9. Jack averts his eyes from my gaze, knowing it makes it a lot harder for me to use my power on him that way. "I won't give you a chance to then," he says, trying to push past me again, but I hold my ground, pushing him back with a hand. "No," I repeat, and he grabs my wrist to take it off him, "Yes, I'm leaving." I can tell he's getting frustrated, and I am too. I know that no matter how long this goes on, he won't wear down; I've learned from experience he doesn't give in easily. The frustration is already getting to me, showing itself in the tears welling up in my eyes. I angrily wipe them away by controlling the water in them with magic. Treacherous tears. Emotion is always harder to conceal in the immortal form, and I hate it.
  10. "Jack... Don't again," I say in the steeliest voice I can muster right now, but my voice wavers ever so slightly. I hate that I cracked; I swore 2 years ago never again to shed a tear. Obviously didn't work. He bends down to look at me eye to eye. He puts a hand on my cheek, catching a teardrop, "Vi, the past needs to stay the past, and everyone needs to move on. It's been too long. What you want to recover is taken by time." My heart is screaming to make him stay. Is that what I want? No, it's not, I've moved on, or have I? I don't know, my mind can't or won't listen to anything. It's too clouded by memories that come rushing forth as hard as I try to keep them back. Sitting at the high table between Blake and him. Leaning into him on a balcony on a warm summer evening. The touch of his lips where his hand is now: on my cheek. It all seems so real, I swear I can feel the tender softness of a kiss on my lips, but when I open my eyes, it's gone, only the ghost of my imagination, a fantasy that never has materialized in real life and probably never will.
  11. He takes his hand off my cheek and starts to back away to the door. My heart hardens. "Time! What can time take that time did not allow before?" injecting bitterness to my voice. He looks torn between his apparent need to evacuate this room and a want to reply; the need seems to win over though as he doesn't hesitate in his step. "Fine! Leave!" I burst out, "Leave because I know you won't listen to me. Leave because obviously there's no point to stay here. Leave like you did 2 years ago. No looking back. Fine. Okay." Even though I have the faint sense that I'm being over-dramatic, I could care less as I stomp past him to the door and wrench it open, accidentally ripping it off the hinges with the force. Whatever. I toss it behind me, not caring where it lands, and make my way back to the bar.
  12. "Straight hard AB negative," I order. "You sure about that, girl?" Russel asks. At my silence, he pours out the straight blood into a glass in front of me, "What happened?" I ignore him, pick up the glass, and gulp some down as badly as that girl before. My hand shakes and some spills. Russel steadies my hand and helps to put the glass down. "That's some valuable stuff you just spilled," he comments. "Get me another," I sigh. I can feel bloodlust edging in on my mind, drawn out by this purer draught. "You don't need another, Vixla," Russel advises. "Get. Me. Another. Or I'll make you myself," I growl. "Okay, okay," Russel backs down good-naturedly, "Your wish is my command, but I won't envy you in the morning."
  13. I grab the second glass, finish it, and order a third. After that one, my usually carefully controlled and sedate bloodlust kicks into high gear, and I let myself loose in it, going by instinct only, the ballroom a shifting blur of color before my eyes. I allow my mind to lose track of people, time, and especially a certain pair of deep blue eyes.
  14. -end Party- So that's the end of the party from Vixla's view. I might cover a certain upcoming scene at the party from a different point of view though because that scene will be kind of important... Since this part was mostly just Jack, I had a hard time coming up for results for the other guys, so I just put them all in the "Other/Undecided" category for this quiz. Another reason for that is because I'm still deciding which guys are going to play the biggest part in this series and which guys will just be supporting characters. Anyway, whose result would you like to see?

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