Dream, Hope & Faith 1

So this is with the same guys from Dream story but on a new adventure. I know this one might be all over the place because I had to tell you what everyone looked like. The next one will be better!!

The next one will be better.I just need to Tell you all the guys. I changed the story As I went along. With it. Zero, Alex, Nav, Collin, Jay and Dreak.

Created by: singin234
  1. (Okay you don't have to read the next part, you can just skip it.)Oh and you dont have to read dream story to understand this
  2. Being different is the best thing about me, but also the worst. The best part was, I am different but the worst is because I have to hide it. It had started when I was sixteen; I had got all these thing pop into my head. They were of guys that I didn't know, one of them was called Nav Miller. He was close to me, I guess. He had golden brown hair and eyes, I remember thing his eyes were so lovely. I had met him on the first day of school, he was picked on by these bullies and I guess I helped him. Nav was a werewolf, I think. Alex was another guy; he had light brown hair and green eyes. I had met Alex on a roof; well he was having a party. His last name was Scary, Alex Scary. Alex had the power of water and ***. The Collin Rain, a vampire, fire power and he can control people. Black hair and brown eyes, I had met him at magic school. Then Zero Rain, black hair and misty purple eyes. He is part vampire and fallen angle. His wings are black with sliver tips. I met him while walking out in the woods. Jayson Fire, dark brown hair and red eyes, met him at Alex's place, magic. Last is Dreak, black hair with a red steak. His father the king of mars wanted me to marry him. That is all I can remember of them.
  3. I slowly opened my eyes; I can't recall what had happened yesterday. Then it all came back to me, I was in sport and I said something really dumb to my crush. "Ugh great" I said out loud, now I really didn't want to go to school. Then something beeped, I jumped in my bed and looked over to see it was my phone. I took the call "hello" I said groggily as I answered. "Hello ____, did I wake you" A male voice asked, for a bit I couldn't figure it out. Then it hit me it was my crush, Bryan. "How you get my number" I asked sitting up, I nervously blushed my hair out of my face. He was calling me at eight in the morning and it is a Saturday. "Vee gave it to me" He told me. Vee, I am going to kill her!! I thought.
  4. "I hope its okay" He added, in his I am sorry but I am not voice. "Yeah," I said letting my hair fall into my face "yeah" I said again brushing it out of my face. I couldn't make up my mind, should I be happy he called or angry that he called me at eight on a Saturday. "Oh good," he told me, his voice lightened up a little. "I wanted to ask if you were going to a different school or not" He asked, I felt broken. Vee must have put him up to this, that genius! She had been wanted to find that out for weeks but she gets my crush to do it. "I have to go. Someone else is ringing, bye" I said and waited for him to say bye. "Bye" He said after awhile and I hanged up. I felt like banging my head on the wall. I was changing schools; I got accepted to a really rich school. Though I am kind of poor, my mother died when I was eight. So dad made all the money.
  5. Then I decided to call Vee. "Hello" She said groggily into the phone, "Hey Vee" I said cheerfully. I leant back on the bed, "Oh no, I am so late for school" Vee said in panic. As much fun as it would be for Vee to go to school, she is my best friend and I guess I have to stop her. "Vee, Its Saturday" I told her smiling. I could hear something drop "Oh," she said dumbly "what is up" She asked. "I got a call from Bryan" I said in a wondering tone. "What did he want" Vee asked in her lying voice, I could tell she knew what he wanted. "He asked if I am going to another school. I think he might like me, he was so worried about me Vee maybe I should ask him out" I said still using my wondering voice. I did plays when I was younger, not like Vee knew that. "Oh ____. I am sorry he doesn't like you I just wanted you to tell him if you were going to another school or not. I put him up to it, I am sorry" She yelled fast and she was panicking. "I know Vee, I just wanted you to admit it" I told her calmly and looked at my nails
  6. "What" Vee asked. "I have to go" I told her and hanged up. being someone I am not already had taken a lot out of me. Today I felt like being my true self, that's one of the reasons I decied to leave. I got dreased and walked down stairs. A note was on the table 'I am going to go to work, they called me in. Someone got sick. Love you always-Dad' Great, I thought. Another day alone. *On monday*
  7. I ended up Not going to anyone of those two schools. I went to a different school, a school where I stay every day of the year but holidays. I walked nervously and slowly to my next class. Math. I walk in to see half of the class seated. "You can sit next to Alex" The teacher told me. I sat next to a guy with light brown hair and green eyes. Somehow I felt like I knew him. He was from that dream or something. "Hi, I am Alex" He said shaking my hand. "____. I am new" I stood him blushing. Our hands still shaking, I blushed and pulled away. "Oh I would remember seeing you" Alex told me. Not in a flirty tone but in a serious tone. I still blushed anyway, Alex gave me one last smile and we both looked at the teacher.
  8. -one class before lunch- I ended up sitting next to a guy with black hair and misty purple eyes. "Hi I am ___" I said to him, I held out my hand. He just looked at my hand and looked back at the teacher. "Your name" I asked him a low voice. "Zero, now shut up. Your going to get us in trouble" Zero snapped. I frowned "You don't look like the type of guy that would care" I snapped back. "Zero, ____. see me at lunch. eat your lunch and come to me okay" The teacher told me. She was pretty old, grey hair and wide. She was wearing a red dress blue flowers. Zero just ingored me.
  9. -Lunch- I found myself sitting alone. Then a guy with Gloden brown hair and brown eyes sat with me. "I am Nav Miller. I am Alex Scary's and Zero Rain's friend" He was friendly. That instering friends, I mean they are so different. I thought to myself, "___" I told him, but I think he knew. "Yeah. So you Got in trouble, might want to make your way there now" He told me. "I guess" I said standing up "Bye" I walked off down the hall. I Got the class room and sat down. A guy with black hair and brown eyes was there. "Hey I am Collin" He told me shaking my hand. "I am Zero's brother" He told me. My heart sunk, I hope he is not like Zero. ""____"" I told him and looked at the teacher. Then a guy walked in with black hair and a red streak. "I am Dreak" He told me walking past. "___" I told him. Then I guess I feel alseep
  10. I was woken up by a guy with dark brown hair and red eyes. "Hey I am Jason. Please call me Jay. I think you slept during lunch. Lunch is almost over, what class have you got next" He asked me. "Art" I told him rubbing my eyes. I had a good sleep. "Me too" He told me walking me there. "Hey do I know you from somewhere" I asked. I knew I knew him in the back of my head. "No" He told me plainly. I think he is lying

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