Which Jesus Do You Believe In?

There is a man on Myspace who claims to fulfill a long awaited biblical prophecy. His name is JESUS OF ZION. Take this test to see if perhaps you might agree with what he has to say. Perhaps he is what you have awaited... see if you share his Faith.

Has Jesus Returned? See if you share the faith of one man who says "I have"! Discover for yourself if your faith is similar or not... You might just be surprised. It is recommended that you visit zionsking777 at Myspace before taking the test.

Created by: Jesus of Zion
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Jesus is...(pick favorite response)
  2. God is... (Pick favorite response)
  3. I get to Heaven by... (Pick best method).
  4. Jesus will return... (Pick best answer)
  5. There is a literal Hell where sinners will be burned and tormented forever.
  6. The Rapture is... (Pick favored answer).
  7. The Word Trinity is found in scripture.
  8. Jesus main message is.. (pick best response).
  9. The Bible is... (Pick Best Response)
  10. Jesus of Zion at www.Myspace.com/zionsking777 is... (Pick best response)

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Quiz topic: Which Jesus do I Believe In?