Dream, Hope & Faith

@Aria Why didn't you think it was going to be my quiz. And i herd something happened to you. I wanted to make you a quiz but I was away from home and sick. @DaughterOfApollo ha I hope that :p @both thank you

Question of the day: Who do you think came in the window. The hint was that it is not Alex. Then who is it? pUT YOUR guess in comments. So of your happy

Created by: singin234
  1. Recap: "Hey do I know you from somewhere" I asked. I knew Iknew him in the back of my head. "No" He told me plainly. I think he is lying
  2. I slowly with with Jason-Jay to Art. I wasn't the best at drawing, though I always wanted to be. We arrived early, well kind of. Most of the class was there, also the teacher. I slowly walked up to the teacher. "Hello I am ___, I am new. Where do I sit" I asked the teacher who was an old man. He was blad with some grey hair on the top of his head. It must be fake, I though to myself as he put his hand on his "hair". "Next to Jayson" He pointed to Jayson. We was sitting in the sunlight. His dark brown hair seemed darker and so was his eyes. That made them look purple instead of dark red.I quickly slid into my seat and everyone else came in as the bell rang.
  3. Then out of no where the man fell to the floor. Everyone stood up and rushed to him. One girl yelled "Move away. give him air" Then the man stared rolling around on the ground. "Shadow eyes watch her was she sleeps. Await in the darkness lies her heart, ready to be taken. Her smile brings lies and her eyes fade as she can no longer see the light" Then after he yelled that me stopped moving and died. "Call ###" Everyone stared freaking out. I looked over at Jay who was drawing what he said. A heart in drakness, a girl, eyes, smiles, fade?
  4. --After school-- "That was werid in art class, dont you think Jay" I asked him as we walked out of the school. "Yeah" He relied in a distant voice. He seemed to be thinking out something. "It was werid I understand what he meant. I meant everyone did right. HGer heart waits for someone to take it. Well win her heart-" "Okay, I have to go. Bye ___" Jay butted in and then ran. I looked at my feet, Had I said something too werid. I mean what the man said make me think of me. My smile lies, I always fake that I am happy. My heart lies in the darkness, my heart waits for someone to dare to get close to me. My eyes fade, because I am lost, loney and sad. The only thing I dont get is that they watch me while I sleep. Well I see the really werid shadows sometimes at night. But I just shake it off. "Hey ___" Someone calles. I snap out of thinking and turn to see Alex. His light brown hair was all over the place, it coved his green eyes.
  5. "Hey Alex" I say as the rans up to me. "I herd about your teacher dying in class. You okay" Alex asked worrily. "Yeah..." I said distantly and lying. Then I was Zero lenning on a wall watching me. His misty purple eyes...he didn't have his black hair coving his eyes. This time. "-so are you" Alex asked. I shook my head and looked back at him "sorry what" I asked nice as possiable. I hadn't noiced that he stared speaking. "Never mind. I just asked if you were busy...right now" I shook my head for a no. "No but I am a little shaken up about what happened in Art. So I think I will just rest" I told Alex looking at the wall where Zero was. He wasn't there now, what a creepy guy. "Okay," Alex said sadly "bye" "Wait Alex" I called after him as he walked away. "Stuff that. What do you want to do" Alex turned around and smiled. "Lets go get something to eat. I am hungry" Alex dragged me to a small store
  6. "eatting candy" I asked as I was looking at gum, candy and some choclate. Alex laughed "Yep" I also laughed "sounds good" I picked out a lollie pop. I payed as Alex was chosing. The girl that was serving me at long black hair and glowing red eyes. I didn't know that was possiable. "So that your boyfriend," she asked "he is kind of cute" I looked over at Alex who had lots of candy and stuff in his arms. "We are just friends...er," I looked at name tag. Hex. "Hex" Hex flicked her hair behind her back as Alex came up to me.
  7. "Have a good day Alex" Hex called as we left the store. "I swear I don't know her. How does she know my name" Alex asked if I shoukd know. Well I do. "We were talking about you" I told him chewing gum. "Really" Alex said in an almost flirty tone. I dont think Alex flirts. I see him as a cute nerd. "Yeah she said you were cute but I had to say no he isn't" I stared laughing after I said it. I wanted Alex to know it was a joke. Alex joined in as he walked me home
  8. --at the front door-- "bye Alex" I walked in the door to see my dad doing...something. "inner peace" He said in a peaceful voice. I would of bust out laughing but the fact was that wasn't really me. I see the wold in a differnet view than others.
  9. ---12:00am--- I felt my eyes open, I didn't feel that tried. In fact I was wide awake. "___" A voice called. Rocks hit my window, I opened my window and I rock flew right pass me. "Sorry, stand back" The voice said. Then someone climbed into my window. I couldn't see them well then I turned on the light. I gasped, "what are you doing here-
  10. I am going to leave it there. This was mainly a Alex quiz. So it was not Alex who came in the window *hint* Well please comment

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