My Hunger Games Story

This is part one of a story about a girl named Zelda Kensington who is selected to participate in the annual pageant called the Hunger Games.

Part one is basically the reaping and events leading up to it. Part two is the opening chariots, training, and interviews. Part three is when the games start.

Created by: wolfgrl45
  1. Basic character info: This story is told in first person. You are Zelda Kensington. You are 15. You have golden skin, dark brown hair with coppery sun highlights, and pale green eyes. You are from district four.
  2. I wake up to sunlight streaming through the open window and the smell of the salty tang of the sea. I sigh. Sleeping in is a luxury only allowed on reaping day. Normally I am up before dawn, in the repair place by the dock, fixing fishing nets and making fish hooks, or on a boat, reeling in fish for the Capitol. Judging by the position of the rays of the sun, it is about 8:30 in the morning. I get up, knowing that any attempts to go back to sleep will be futile.
  3. My house is medium sized, not the smallest size, but not the largest either. Three rooms, a kitchen/living room with a threadbare couch, oven, fireplace, and cupboards, my parents' room, and my room. I walk out the door. The street is mainly gravel, with pieces of broken shell mixed in. I head toward the patch of woods not blocked by the fence. As I pass the training area, I see a group of boys and girls doing a last minute training session before the reaping.
  4. One of the kids training, my friend Lexi, yells out, "Hey Zelda, want to join us? Just in case you go to the Capitol? "Nah," I answer. "Just one knife," she begs me. I give in, walk over, pick up a knife, and throw it. It hits the dummy in the heart. Then I turn and leave. By afternoon, the weather is muggy and hot. I stand, sweating in line with the other 15 year old girls. Ellie Token, the woman from the Capitol walks up and welcomes us. It's hard not to stare at her freaky, blown up lips, or her sky blue wig.
  5. "Ladies first!" she trills. I stare at the girls' ball of paper. Four slips of paper have Zelda Kensington on them. Four slips. That's all. The odds are in my favor. Now Ellie is pulling out the slip of paper. She opens it. "Zelda Kensington!" she announces brightly. It's me. I gasp. "Zelda Kensington?" she says again. My feet shuffle forward. Then I steady myself and walk to the stage.
  6. Then Ellie reaches into the boys ball. She pulls out a slip of paper and reads: "Emmett Smith."
  7. A boy walks up. He has bronze hair and green eyes. I can't help noticing that he bears a striking resemblance to Finnick Odair, the boy tribute from District 4 who won three years ago.
  8. The mayor reads the treaty of treason, and I tune out as I think. I think alot. That maybe I have a chance. That maybe I'm attractive enough to get people to sponsor me. That I'm handy enough with a knife to get a decent training score. That I'm what other districts call a Career, so the odds are more in my favor.
  9. After brief goodbyes from my parents and friends (including Lexi, who tells me that she has full confidence that I can win), we are carted off to the train station. There, our two mentors meet us: for Emmett, Finnick, and for me, Annie Cresta.
  10. We watch the reapings. The tributes from District One are the classically beautiful tributes: A girl with long, curly red hair named Shimmer, and a boy with blonde hair and green eyes named Velour. District Two has two muscular tributes: a girl with straight, starkly cut black hair named Carla, and a massive boy with brown hair named Ethelo. I also notice a strong, handsome boy named Maxwell from District Seven.
  11. Comment, please and tell me what you think. The games won't start till part 3 at least, but I recommend taking part 2 anyway.

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