48th Hunger Games Quiz

this is a quiz on the 48th Hunger Games a fictional story were children are posted to fight to the death on live television. ya for kids! :P lol i hope you like it

its about the careers weaklings cool kids and the victor you can be from the 48th Hunger Games i really hope you like the characters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: CatZerp

  1. What do you grab from the cornucopia
  2. How do you die?
  3. Allies?
  4. why would you volunteer for a family member
  5. How old are you
  6. if you had a sponsor what would you receive
  7. would you sacrifice yourself for someone else
  8. Favo(u)rite Colo(u)r
  9. Are you squeamish with blood

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