do you know the hunger games?

There are many people in the world who have read the Hunger Games series. It is personally the best series I have ever read!It's about Katniss Everdeen's adventure in the fight to the death on live TV.

Do you know almost all there is to know about the Hunger Games? Can you off the top of your head name every single person who competed in the 74th Hunger Games? Lets see about that. Here's the test. Happy Hunger Games quiz! And let the odds be in your favor!

Created by: Katniss Everdeen (not)

  1. The 13 districts used to be...
  2. Who gave who the mockingjay pin?
  3. Peeta admitted in the interview that he was...
  4. When Katniss heard that 2 people could win if they were from the same district the first thing she did was what?
  5. Effie Trinket had a pet peeve about what?
  6. Why did Katniss fail to get the bow and arrows before everyone else?
  7. In the second book what was the theme in the arena?
  8. What was Katniss's strategy?
  9. The mockingjay pin was made of what material?
  10. When Katniss first met Gale he found out she had stolen food. What was the consequence?
  11. Katniss is known as the what? Peeta is known as what? THey together are known as what?

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Quiz topic: Do I know the hunger games?