How Well do You know the Hunger Games

There are many smart people in the world But can you conquer these questions and become a master of the hunger games? May the odds ever be in your favor!!

Do you have the knowledge and power (and perhaps weapons) to become a Hunger Games genius? Some of these questions you definitely won't know, but best of luck (except you Easter Bunny)!!

Created by: Lillian Bell

  1. What is the 2nd Quarter Quell twist?
  2. In the movie, what place does Glimmer come?
  3. What is Prim's cat called?
  4. What is District 6's export
  5. What is Cato's weapon in the movie?
  6. What is the District 4 girls name?
  7. How old is Gale in the original book?
  8. Who is rumored to have a relationship?
  9. Who is the first tribute to die in the original hunger games?
  10. Who does Finnick love?

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