Hunger Games Quiz

This quiz will tell you what weapon you would be most likely to use in the Hunger Games; a cruel fight to the death. It uses your choices in real-life experiences to decide how you fight.

Putting yourself into those people's shoes can seem difficult or easy. But when it really comes down to it and you're under the pressure, your mind racing, what would you have chosen to fight with?

Created by: John Doe

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  1. You are in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by....nothing. You don't know how you got here. You:
  2. There's a fight going on in school in the cafeteria, just a few tables away from yours. You:
  3. Someone challenges you to an arm wrestle. You:
  4. One kid shoves another over in the hallway, and then he smirks and walks away. You:
  5. You get more:
  6. Your lifelong pal, your dog Ben, is tragically hit by a car. You:
  7. This dumb kid is trying to pick a fight with you. You:
  8. You notice someone fallowing you on your way home. You:
  9. You are in a hot air balloon with your mother, bestfriend, and dog. Because you are losing altitude so quickly, someone has to go. You:
  10. You admire:

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