Faction Games Part 1

This quiz series is a combination of two trilogies: "Divergent," by Veronica Roth, and "The Hunger Games," by Suzanne Collins. You are the main character and will be issued to death and life.

You're a sixteen year old girl who is soon to be forced to chose her life. Seeing as "one choice can transform you," you'll need to pick wisely from the five factions of the city: Amity, Erudite, Abnegation, Dauntless, and Candor, which each describe traits and morals that you personally would like to live by or feel you fit in with. Depending on the faction you chose, you will be trained for battle in case you are randomly chosen for the Hunger Games, a televised show where two people (older than twelve, younger than eighteen), a boy and a girl, are randomly picked from each faction to fight to the death. The last one standing is the winner and showered with a life of riches, which is a major honor compared to the poor lives of those in the faction and not a part of the Capitol.

Created by: PatchsNose
  1. I coughed and sat up on the dirt ground, shaking as the vibrations from the train speeding ahead of me sent waves through the earth. The coal was stacked high in the carts and were jumping with each railing of the track. Angrily, I brushed my jeans off and stood, breathing in the fumes I'd lived with for sixteen years. I scowled slightly, frustrated with myself, and began walking off towards where the aptitude tests were being held. Sure, I'd always known this: the Capitol swept anything suspicious under the rug and insisted the way things were run was completely fine. Ever since the war it's been the same thing, over and over. Ever since the war, at the coming of age, sixteen, every person would choose their faction: Candor, the honest; Erudite, the intelligent; Amity, the peaceful; Dauntless, the brave; and Abnegation, the selfless. Each faction does different training techniques for the Hunger Games, which are held each year, and where two people from each faction, a boy and a girl, must all fight to the death until only one person is standing. The government believed that battles were not caused by religion, culture, race, or beliefs, instead by personality. 
  2. I'm immediately called inside as my tester had been waiting for me already for five minutes. She glared at me, but nonetheless kept the door open for me to walk into the all-white room. I sat back nonchalantly in the chair that I assumed was for me and she immediately began hooking me up to a nearby machine. You only do this once in your lifetime, so I had no clue as to what she was doing, but  I never did care for showing the part of me that was scared and afraid. I'm in Dauntless right now, but only because I was born here. I've been told, by my careless mother, that I'd end up staying in this faction due to my naturally stubborn personality. I hoped otherwise. 
  3. "Close your eyes," she ordered, and I raised my brow daringly before doing as she said. She was obviously from Amity, the peaceful, though I was quickly biting at her last nerve only a few seconds into our session. Suddenly, I was in a new white room, one similar to a cafeteria, but without any people. Shrugging, I strode over curiously to the nearest table, where a knife and piece of meat were sitting. Without thinking, I picked them both up, and flipped the dirk over in my left hand, running my thumb carefully along the edges, studying it, just as a dog appeared behind me. It bristled its fur, snarling as it stalked towards me. I didn't panic, and, my emotion running the same throughout the course of my actions, I threw the food at it before positioning my knife in a trained defensive way in case it decided it would rather eat me. 
  4. I sat down on the bench connected to the table when a little girl dressed in a frilly white dress appeared, perhaps seven. She shook as the dog turned to her, baring its teeth again. "Sit down," I called to her calmly, not bothering to even glance up from the design of the knife. "What?" she cried as the dog advanced on her, having already gnawed the meat. "Sit down," I repeated slowly, finally looking up and locking a gaze with her bright blue eyes that reminded me of the little sister I'd had. She stopped, turned to the dog a second time, back to me, transfixed momentarily, before obeying and sitting on the floor. The dog abruptly halted in its tracks before laying down and rolling onto its back in submission, no longer feeling threatened by either of us, I presumed.
  5. Standing, I went over to the dog and patted its head carelessly. Its tail thumped viciously against the clean ground. I looked, out of the corner of my eye, to the girl, saying nothing. Just as I decided to smile in a friendly way, the scene disappeared. For a second I was confused before remembering that I'd been hooked up to a machine that created reality simulations, and the actions I took would determine my faction. With it over, I opened my eyes, back in the room with the tester who'd never even told me her name. I realized she'd hooked herself up to the machine as well, and that ticked me off slightly as that meant she'd basically read my mind, but I figured that was the only way she could tell me my possibilities and give me my test scores. 
  6. I stared at her, but her eyes refused to meet mine. She pushed her blonde bangs back as if in astonishment before clearing her throat. "What?" I demanded, furrowing my brows when she continued sitting in silence. She straightened her white jacket, similar to that of a doctor's, and stood up, grasping her clipboard so tightly her knuckles turned pale as her hair. As she quickly escaped the room to score my totals, I caught sight of her name on the card she had pinned to her jacket: Barrett. 
  7. Within minutes she'd come back. "Barrett?" I questioned, and she turned her back to me and acted as if she were doing something. "Isn't that German for brave?" The poor woman appeared so scared that I was actually attempting to be nice, but this only seemed to frighten her even more. Nonetheless, she nodded shakily. "B-but I'm not," she said, and forced a laugh. "Just peaceful," she went on, sitting beside me again, though a little farther back, and putting a smile on her lips. "Amity, you know." I nodded as she took off the cords from my arms and head that connected me to the machine. "I think you'd be brave if you had to be," I reasoned. Never had I agreed with the government, putting us in separate communities. Why shouldn't we work together, mixed together, I mean? As if she'd read my mind, Barrett shook her head. "No, no. Peaceful," she insisted determinedly, bobbing her head. "There's a difference between peaceful and scared," I whispered, more to myself than her. She didn't reply. 
  8. After sitting in an apparently awkward silence for what seemed a lifetime, she coughed, grabbing my attention. "Um... ________," she said, checking her clipboard. "Do you know what 'divergent' means?" I shook my head, not thinking much of it and studying the room blankly. "It means," she went on, getting in front of where I was staring, "you... You're... Well, you scored equally on all five factions."
  9. "What do you mean?" I demanded, standing. She shrunk back and so I sat down again, not wanting to scare her anymore. "You're... Everything," she said in a questioning tone. "So what does that mean? What faction do I go to?" While I'd never agreed with the Capitol on placing people in faction's, I'd also been the type of person who kept opinions to myself and didn't fight back unless I was forced to. She shrugged and bit her bottom lip. "I... Don't know," she replied quietly. "It's very dangerous. Being divergent." "Why?" I pressed, trying not to lean forward in my chair. "If you choose one faction, you may not have all the qualities required to be content there. But, as you know, you can't change factions. And if you choose a different one- I don't know. And your training... But you're divergent." She came in closer. "Don't tell. Anyone."  

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