What faction do you belong to?(From divergent)

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this quiz is based on the book divergent, written by veronica roth. this quiz is ment to show you what faction is where you should be. or if you would even be divergent!

are you abegnation? amity? candor? duntless? erudite? or even divergent? thanks to this quiz you can find out in a matter of miutes! hope you find the quiz fun!

Created by: who you will never know
  1. What do you do on your free time?
  2. What would you do on the weekend?
  3. what is your dream job out of the ones listed below?
  4. what would you like to accomplish in your life right now?
  5. what do you choose when picking your outfit?
  6. you want your friends and family to see you as?
  7. how would you describe yourself?
  8. What do you think about divergents?
  9. Which faction do you like the best?
  10. Whats your favorite coulor out of the ones listed below?
  11. did you lie about some of the answers to be in your favorite faction or be divergent?

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Quiz topic: What faction do I belong to?(From divergent)