How Likely are you to survive the Hunger Games (Lit Version)

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Do you think you can survive the hunger games? Are you smart enough to steal food, strong enough to win a fight or fast enough to escape? You might be able to win if you are!

Some people might be able to win the hunger games if they had the right allies, others could do it single-handedly, and other people would never make it past the first hour. How far would you make it? Take this quiz and see!

Created by: Foxface
  1. The gong just sounded, what do you do?
  2. Alright, you managed to survive the bloodbath! What do you do next.
  3. It's nighttime. What do you do?
  4. You are starving to death! what do you do?
  5. There will be a feast tomorrow. What's your plan?
  6. What is your biggest strength
  7. Who are your allies?
  8. You and another tribute fight for a backpack, you are both unarmed What do you do?
  9. How prepared are you for these games?
  10. Did you like this Quiz? (no effect on result)

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Quiz topic: How Likely am I to survive the Hunger Games (Lit Version)