Would you survive the Hunger Games?

Would you survive the Hunger Games? What is your training score? Which District are you from? All but one of these questions have been answered but the most important of all: Will you win?

Age and gender do not matter. Your allies are your district partner, both tributes from 12, and the female from 11. May the odds be in your favor.

Created by: luvHungerGames
  1. What is your training score? (if you haven't taken the second quiz then go do that first.)
  2. You are standing on your pedestal, you have 60 seconds till the gong sounds. What is your plan?
  3. You are running through the woods and you think someone is behind you. You turn around and no one is there. Suddenly you trip and fall. You automatically drop to your knee. Your head leans back then quickly falls forward. An immediate pain comes to your head, neck, and shoulders. What happened to you?
  4. You put your hand on the back of your neck and bite back tears. No way you can sleep in a tree to night. Where do you sleep?
  5. You find a place and settle down. The pain in your neck and head hurts very much and you are suddenly tired and it hurts to move your head. You open the backpack that you grabbed and look through it. You find some rope, an empty canteen, a rolled up bandage, some beef, jerky, and 3 matches. You look down at the canteen, what do you do to get water?
  6. You are making up your mind when you hear someone coming. You freeze, scared until you see your female ally from 12. You call out to her and tell her what happened to you. She sits back a second and says you need sponsors. What is your reaction?
  7. "What stuff do you have?" you ask her. "A backpack, knife and bow." she says. "A bow?" you say. "Yeah." she shrugged. "That's how you got that 7." You say. She smiles. She suggests that she get some food what do you say?
  8. You guys sit and eat. A while later the people who died show upon the screen. 6 people, the male from 2, the male from 5, the female from 6, both from 8, and the male from 7. You guys sit there when you hear footsteps and voices. The careers! What do you do?
  9. You aren't seen by them. But during the night you barely get any sleep. Next morning you meet up with the rest of your group. You get some pain-relieving medicine for your neck. For a few days you guys are not seen by anyone. Then you guys meet a pack of mutts and lose your remaining water. One of you is injured and the pain in your neck is still there. It is almost night. What do you guys do?
  10. Unfortunately despite all your efforts your injured ally dies, and you meet up with the careers. And all that's left of your alliance is you and your district partner. Your remaining weapons are 2 knives and the bow. The feast is called. Do you go to it?
  11. Your district partner died in the feast fight, and now it is left to you, the female from 7, and the male from 1. You are getting a drink from a spring when fire erupts from all around you. What do you do?
  12. You survive the fire but the female from 7 didn't. In front of you is the male from 1. A horrible thunderstorm starts making it hard for you to fight. He has a sword, you have a knife. Next to you is a river. What do you do?

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