Will you be the next Victor of the Hunger Games?

Would you survive the Hunger Games? Are you smart enough? Charming enough? Tough enough? You could be the next Victor the Hunger Games!! You could get that fame and fortune you've always wanted!!

Do you have what it takes to win the Hunger Games??!! Do you have the cleverness, the toughness, the charmingness to win? Take this quiz to find out and May the Odds Be Ever in your Favor _|||_

Created by: Marissa_1234

  1. So your training, what do you do first?
  2. For your chariot ride... how do you adress the crowd??
  3. Time for your interview how do you present yourself
  4. The day before the games began, what do you do??
  5. Time for the games about to began. Your looking around. Your in a meadow with the Cornucopia in the middle. The woods are surround you and there's a lake behind you? What's your strategy?
  6. Your in the woods, somewhat near the lake, what now??!!!
  7. Okay, were gonna take a little piece out of the book here. Let's say your other tribute from the same district had humongous crush on you, what do you do about that?
  8. Alright, if you picked kill him, sorry. But let's say that you give the audience a show, how big is it?
  9. We're gonna stop following the book now. You see him get killed by a Career while you were running to save him, what do you do?
  10. So there's three people left, how do you win now
  11. One person left... what's your plan??

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Quiz topic: Will I be the next Victor of the Hunger Games?