A Hunger Games Story

Okay so this is a new series im writing based on the hunger games. Its my first story so i hope you like it. This part may not be the best but i promise It will get better.

Okay so its the day of the reaping for the 73rd hunger games ( the one before Katniss) Your name is Indigo Riden. You live in district 4. The one full of water and fish

Created by: graceface
  1. Your running through a thick forest for your life. Your running as fast as you can you can feel tree branches hit you from every which way.. your bleeding. But there are bigger things at hand a pack of bloodthirsty careers after you. There footsteps are getting louder. You franticly search for something... anything that could be used as a wepond...but there is nothing but dirt. Your legs start shaking you cant run much longer.Suddenly your feet fail on you as fling on to the ground. You try to get up,try to hide. But you see Three tall Careers. The tallest,strongest one reaches up and grap a spear and give you the sickest type of smile you ever seen. He grabs you by the neck and...
  2. ...and you wake up in a cold sweat. You look around "im okay,im okay, im alive" Your nightmare was about going into the 73rd hunger games but it will be your first when your in the reaping,your name is only in there once. You wanted to put your name in more for food but your brother Nik wouldnt let you. He's 17,5 years older then you. Your 12,your going to be 13 in about a week. Nik can be so overprotective sometimes,but its not like you mind it." Well guess its time to get up" you think still sorta shoken from the dream.You walk out of bed and see no ones there.Nik is probly at work even though we are in District 4 and techinly in a good district your family is still poor. Your mom died giving birth to you. Your dad lost his arm and is unable to work and is disheartened. Nik works when ever he can, but its not enough. You gather/ steal food when ever you can.You hear a cold hard knock at the door. You tense up. "Its a peacekeeper" a voice says in the back of your mind.
  3. You tense up when you hear a voice yell " Hurry up and get to the door,I have the power to make a force entry if you dont comply" "what did they catch me do?" You think to your self as you slowly walk to the door stand up straight,head held high as you turn the handle.And instead of seeing a stern,buff,scary looking peacekeeper you open the door to see a slim,tan,blond boy with eyes like almonds doubled over laughing.
  4. "CLINTON KALE!!! WHAT THE H3!L IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!????" Clint doesnt respond because he cant stop laughing. Clint has been you closest friend since you were 5, but sometimes he still acts like he's 5 "Im sorry, but you should of saw the look on your face..someones extra jumpy today" he says "im just...scared" you whisper but then you feel embarrest so you look down. He gently grabs your chin and lifts your head up so your looking into his rich brown eyes."Your going to be fine, okay, don't be scared, your just nervous because this is your first reaping, you will be safe i promise" you start to smile Clint always knows what to say to make you feel better.You look at the clock,an hour before the reaping started. "You better go..." you say "okay" he said as he gives you a hug."You'll be fine" he says again as he walks away.
  5. You and Nik go over to the town square,Nik is wearing black pants and a shirt that looks to big on him,that you were making fun of him for. You are wearing a simple white dress but it really makes your bright green eyes stand out,you brushed out your long,wavy,dirty blond hair. "You acually look good for once" Nik joked. But this is no time for jokes the reaping starts soon.You go over and sigh your name 'Indigo Riden' in big loopy writing. Then it finaly hits you, what if that dream is real, like a preminition. You know that you don't really have a chace to win, other kids have been training all there life,but not you. You realize that your shaking and you start making this wimpering noise. Nik grabs your arm and pulls you aside. "Listen to me Indigo, your going to be fine,you will be safe, its your first time i see why your scared but i promise you will be fine,what i ever happens i will protect you, like i always have,and i always will" he gives you a big hug and you walk to your age group.
  6. You stand there as the reaping begins your still shaking. But your better then before. You look up as your district's escourt starts talking, your not really litsening to anything she's saying because she looks so discracting....and not in a good way.She Introduces herself as Lani, Lani Chris. She has darker skin that she pack on with bright red makeup. So she always looks like she's blushing. Her eyelashes look like there a foot long. Her hair is in purple and a puke green riglets that go to her chest.You cant look at her without giggling. But now i can tell shes about pick the names and you tense up.
  7. "Ladies first" She squeaks in an very high voice. And she puts her long fingers in the bowl of names. She pulls out a thin piece of paper opens it and reads "Indigo Riden" you almost sigh in relief until you realize...thats me. You feel as if you cant breath.You want to cry,scream,run away. But thats not happening you think as your walk to the stage,it feels is if your walking to your death. "Oh a young pretty girl!!!!" Lani explain.
  8. Your still in shock,that it really was you. But they start to worry, Lani's going to pull the boys name. Who am i going to go in the games with, rushes through your head. Lani says in a clear slow voice "Robert Durban" and you sigh in relief Atleast Nik and Clint are okay. Even though district 4 is small you cant seem to think who Robert. And you wont find out who he is because you here a deep voice yell "I volenteer!!!!" Great. "Okay come up then" lani says cheerfully. "Okay who is messed up enough to actualy want to praticapate" you think
  9. You are completely shocked when you see who is walking up. A tall boy with dirty blond hair, green eyes,and a baggy white shirt. You are stunned speachless. "Whats your name?" Lani asked "Nikel Riden" "Oh, trying to steal your sisters fame, huh?" Lani giggled. You are furious right now. Why couldnt nik stay and be safe? What is wrong with that kid?
  10. Okay so that is the end of the first part of A Hunger Games Story. I really hope you liked it. And if you didnt like it, well i promise it will get better.

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