Living in the Hunger Games

I'm big on fan fiction, especially the Hunger Games. But I had trouble finding a quiz/story deal that put a person in the position of a person in the Hunger Games. (Meh, maybe I didn't look hard enough) Anyhow, I decided to make one of my own. Some of my facts might not line up perfectly with the actual books, but it's my quiz! So deal with it!

You're a 16-year-old girl in District 7, the lumber district. It's the 70th Annual Hunfer Games, before Katniss' story takes place. You have experience with hunting, trapping, and gathering, and a little weapon training with an axe. But is it enough to get you through the Hunger Games?

Created by: Shilo
  1. It is the day of the Reaping. You are sixteen, but your name has not been entered any extra times. Your family believes that keeping you safe is more important than tesserae. In terms of chance and fate, however, it doesn't really matter.
  2. Besides the little comfort your family has given you, you can't sleep. It's early in the morning, so you decide to wander the forest of your part of District 7. You quickly change into some clothes, and begin your walk. The sun isn't up yet, but the sky has already begun to transition into the gray morning light. A few other people are up, most of them your age. The Reaping is always a cause of unrest. Talking to them won't soothe your nerves, however, so you simply continue on into the forest. Since your district is lumber, stumps litter the forest floor. The air is filled with the scent of freshly cut pine, and mist still clings to the air. Ferns bend down with the gentle weight of dew, and the damp ground beneath you is silent. The thought strikes you that, today, you might be leaving. How do you feel about that?
  3. The sun begins to rise. Whether you're ready to leave or not, you begin to return home. Dark thoughts cling to you about the Reaping. What are they?
  4. By the time you're back to your cabin, the settlement is awake. The normal bustle and cheery buzz of the town is gone, though. Everything is quiet. Smoke rises from the chimneys forlornly, and through the windows of the houses, the shapes of people move either slowly and sadly, or quickly and agitated. Your family greets you quietly as you open the door. Your mother is cooking breakfast, your older brother and little sister aiding her. Your father is mending some work clothes, something he does when he's nervous. He looks up. "Good morning, _____." He says. Your brother scowls. "It's not good at all. The Kythes next door are on tesserae, and their son is being entered thirty-six times. Not to mention our cousins." He says, almost dropping something. Your mother sighs. "We're lucky your father has such a high position. We don't need to risk you. Be grateful." Your brother sets his jaw. "But it's not fair that we don't and they do." Do you agree?
  5. You state your opinion. Your brother is about to reply, but your mother sighs. "Just drop it." She says tiredly. You're about to protest, but a glance from your father cuts you off. Your little sister, Millie, finishes setting the table with what little utensils your family has. She's too young to enter the Reaping, and doesn't quite understand the purpose. For that you're grateful. She scuttled over to you, and reaches up to you. You bend down. "Mommy has a pretty dress for you to wear!" She giggles, and wraps her arms around your neck. You pick her up. "You want to see me in it after breakfast?" You ask. "Mmhmm." She replies.
  6. You all sit down for your small breakfast of biscuits and fowl from the forest. Most of the people in your settlement took advantage of the creatures in the forest around them, and the Peacekeepers rarely intervened. You typically do the hunting and trapping because girls don't normally work in the lumber camps or the mill. Welvic has worked with your father in the mill since he was twelve, and rarely hunts.
  7. You finish your breakfast, or rather what you felt that you could stomach. "Are you finishing that?" Welvic asked. You shake your head. "I'll yours and mine over to the Kythes. They probably don't have much food." He doesn't wait for a response, gathers the food, and leaves. Millie smiles. "He's friends with the girl there, too. Not just the boy." Your mother laughs. For a moment, she doesn't seem so tired. "That explains a lot," she says. "Let's try on that dress, ______." She gets up, and tells your father to clean the dishes. You and Millie follow your mother to the only other room in the house, where her and your father's bed was. There was an old dresser, not very valuable, but it was more than what a lot of people had. Millie sits on the bed. "Show her, Mommy! Show her!" Your mother chuckles, and you smile. She opens a drawer, and pulls out a dress. It's a deep brown color, a cut out section that reveals a light blue color. You think it's lovely, but you frown. "Mother, that must have cost a lot." You say quietly. "It's just the Reaping." You murmur. Your mother smiled. "_____, don't worry. I've had it since I was your age. Besides, I can never get you to wear a dress, so I figured the one time I can, it ought to look nice." She says. "Now go wash up. Your hair needs to be cleaned." You smile, and do as she says.
  8. Soon, you're clean and in the dress. Welvic has come back and is clean and dressed as well. Your family leaves to go to the Reaping. How are you feeling?
  9. You and Welvic are checked in and finger pricked. Your family stands a while off, nervously watching. As you walk away, you instinctively grab Welvic's hand, as you've done every year since you were twelve. This would be his last year at the Reaping, and your last time to be comforted by him. You can feel his pulse thumping madly. "We're fine." You whisper. "It's not us I'm worried about." He replied. You nodd. "Right. The girl next door. You can stand with her if you like." You say. Before he can object, you let go of his hand. "I'm sure I'll be fine." He nodds. "Good luck." You respond with the same.
  10. You stand in a row of other children. Peacekeepers border the group, and cameras whirl silently from various places. The stage overhead had the two glass balls sitting ominously. The names of so many innocent children were inside. Four of those slips of paper were yours. Before you can elaborate further on the thought, your district's escort arrives on stage. He's tall and dressed in emerald green. His hair is dyed a lighter shade of green, and his face is practically painted white, imprinted with small leaf designs. His apparent enthusiasm for the district is nauseating. It's all false, you know. His cheesy Capitol accent only proves the point. "Greetings, District 7! I am Gerald Greenstalk, here to wish you Happy Hunger Games!" (Even his name was green!) He glanced around the crowd, and added in a sly voice, "And may the odds be ever in your favor." He winked. Several people seemed to obviously want to sock the new escort in the face, as the shoulders around you shifted in obvious discomfort. "You know why you're here, but I'd like to give you a reminder. Enjoy this lovely film, straight from the Capitol!" The same film as every year began to play. You exchange an annoyed look with the girl next to you.
  11. The film ends. Greenstalk claps enthusiastically. "Isn't that great?" He asks. The crowd doesn't respond. He continues on, unabashed. "Now for the part you've all been waiting for! Is everyone ready for me to call the names?" He asked. No response. "Okay. Ladies first, yes? Here we go!" He reaches into the glass balls, groping around to find just the right name. You can imagine Welvic's worry. You hope his girl isn't chosen. Greenstalk smiles wildly. "Alright, got one!" He says, and pulls his hand out excitedly. "Here we go, everyone."
  12. "Our female tribute is..." He looks up and smiles. "_____ _____!" He had called your name. Not some child who had their name entered extra times. Yours. You think you hear your mother gasp. You make no sound. You move up to the stage, where Greenstalk is grinning widely. Your district is silent, and the eyes follow you up to the stage. You stand next to Greenstalk. He shakes your hand. "Welcome to the Hunger Games!" You nodd. "A pleasure." You say dryly, and turn to seek your brother's face out of the crowd. His expression seems torn between relief and despair.
  13. Greenstalk flashes another smile. "Now, for our male tribute!" Again, he makes an obvious effort with groping for the "right" name. He finally chooses a slip. He opens it tediously, raises his eyebrows, and reads out, "Hal _____. My, do we have a pair of siblings?" He turns to you. "Well? Is there going to be sibling rivalry?" He asks mischievously. You shake your head. "Hal is my cousin." You reply. "Hear that? Cousins! Brilliant!" He proclaims. You watch your beefy cousin Hal make his way through the crowd up to the stage. His face is pale, and he nearly stumbles onto the stage. Greenstalk looks to the crowd. "We'll, I suppose that's it! This will be an interesting year! Have a wonderful 70th annual Hunger Games!
  14. You and Hal are ushered off the stage. You catch a glimpse of the mentors, Johanna Mason and Blight. Johanna is watching with her eyes narrowed, and Blight has his arms crossed, observing curiously. But then you are taken to the place where you will say goodbye to your family. You're left in the room, not unlike a prison cell, as if to think about what you've done, for a long while. Suddenly, your brother comes rushing in. "I'm so sorry! I should have stayed with you! I should have been more worried!" He cries. You hug him. "No. It wouldn't have changed anything." He nods. "Ok." He whispers. "Try to be happy, okay? I'll be fine." You say, though you're not so sure. The rest of your family comes in. Your father's eyes are red, and his arm is shaky around your mother's weeping frame. Millie looks confused, and runs over to you. "You're going away?" She asks. You nod, holding back tears. "To the people with the colors?" She asks. You nod again, and let out a shaky laugh. She nods back knowingly. "Then I'll see you on the screen?" She asks. "Yes. On the screen. I'll try to wave to you, okay?" You say. "Okay. But I'll miss you." Millie mutters. "I'll miss you, too." You say. Then your parents come up. Your mother tries to straighten herself. "You'll try hard?" She asks. "I'm coming back." You say. She smiles. "Yes." You embrace her tightly. She begins to cry again. Welvic takes her. Your father wraps his arms around you. You lean into him, like you did as a little girl. "Show them girls can be just as tough," he says. "Mmhmm." You say. Then they're taken away. Millie waves one last time. "On the screen!" She says. You echo her as she's taken away. You lean into the wall behind you. You...
  15. Alright. That's it for now. I'll probably make another one soon. Meanwhile I have to make an account and link this quiz to it.

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