Before the hunger games

This quiz is about the Hunger Games. What would be your tac tic before the games? Do you want many allies or none at all? Well, this quiz will give you a tactic that would work for you. It is pointless doing this if you have never heard if the Hunger Games. Please enjoy my quiz.

If you do my quiz, well lets just say if your thrown into an arena riddled with death traps and crazy teenagers trying to slaughter you many this will give you an idea.

Created by: Mockingjay

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  1. You meet your stylist who wants you to wear a cute pink dress and curl your hair to ride the chariots your reaction is... (Or for a boy a boring suit)
  2. A small girl asks you if you'll eat linch with her what is your reply...
  3. Who's your ideal mentor?
  4. Peeta Mellark hands you some bread in lunch break what do you do
  5. Do you have family?
  6. Where will you hide in the hunger games
  7. Clove has you pinned in a death lock....
  8. Who would you rather be in the games with
  9. Katniss: want to be allies
  10. Peeta: Love me real or not real

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