Which Hunger Games Character Are You?

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Today is the reaping day. You're nervous as you and your friends file into the auditorium - your name has been entered nearly 60 times. The announcer reaches her hand in the bowl, pulls out the slip of paper.... it's you!

You stumble up to the stage, about to pass out and your hands are shaking. The announcer pats you on the back, but it just makes you even more jittery. Take this quiz to find out which Hunger Games character you are, and how well you will do in the arena!

Created by: Hannah Mathys
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  1. If one of your siblings were chosen as a tribute, would you volunteer in their place?
  2. What weapon would you choose for the Games?
  3. When the Games started, where is the first place you would go?
  4. Who would you be most likely to ally with?
  5. What do you think is most important about the Games?
  6. What would be your method of ridding your enemies?
  7. When you're not fighting your enemies, what are you doing?
  8. How would you deal with a surprise the Gamemakers threw into the arena?
  9. If given the opportunity, would you make a fool out of the Capitol?
  10. What would you talk about at the interview after the Games?
  11. How would you greet your family and friends?

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Quiz topic: Which Hunger Games Character am I?