Which "hunger games" character are you?

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Awaiting you here is a quiz about the hunger games. If you answer all ten quesions you will receive a result on which character you are the most like.

If you are into the hunger games, maybe you would like to try out my other hunger games quiz. Just click on my name. I would also appreciate a smiley-rating and a comment what your result is.

Created by: Clarke
  1. Who is your favorite character?
  2. In which district would you prefer to live in?
  3. Just imagine you were picked for the hunger games. How would you react?
  4. The last day of training is over. What grade would you get on what you did?
  5. The day of your interview has come faster than you thought. How do you act while talking to Caesar Flickerman?
  6. Your friend dies in the arena. How is your reaction?
  7. You meet President Snow. What do you do?
  8. For your interview with Caesar Flickerman, what do you wear? (Females)
  9. For your interview with Caesar Flickerman, what do you wear? (Males)
  10. What is your gender?
  11. Which of the three books is your favorite?
  12. Which of the weapons do you favour?
  13. Do you have a problem with killing?
  14. Which of the elements do you like the most?
  15. Which is your favorite song?

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Quiz topic: Which "hunger games" character am I?