Would you survive the hunger games?

The hunger games. Epic series, but did you ever wonder, would I survive? Until now, you would just have to guess, but not anymore! Please, rate and comment!

Are you cut out for becoming a victor?!? Maybe you are. Try the quiz, it will only take a moment of your time, so please, try it! It's super fun! Try your friends!

Created by: Zara Verthicha of [no urls]
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  1. Caesar flickerman is interviewing you, what angle are you playing at?
  2. What would you wear? (something)
  3. It's the tribute parade, you are wearing
  4. How would you get sponsors?
  5. 5...4...3...2...1...GO! You're at the cornucopia, what do you do?
  6. What do you do now?
  7. The careers are chasing you! What do you do?
  8. The game makers announce a feast, how will you get your package/food?
  9. Mutts are released into the arena, you
  10. You and another tribute are fighting, what weapon do you choose?
  11. Do you want to live?
  12. Did you like this quiz?

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