What is your Hunger Games Training Score?

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Will you survive the Hunger Games? What is your Distirct? What is your training score? Did you take the first quiz? (Which Hunger Games District are you from?) If not go take it before taking this quiz. You will need to know your district first.

Will you get a high training score -- something that is vital for getting sponsors? Or will you get a low score? It only takes a few minutes to determine. Age and gender do not matter.

Created by: luvHungerGames
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What District are you from? (leave blank if above 6)
  2. What District are you from? (leave blank if below 7)
  3. You are in the training center. You look around and see lots of stations. Which do you go to first?
  4. After a little while you go to the edible plants section. Before you, you see three berries all looking exactly the same. Two are edible but one is poisonous. You break each of their skins and see different shades of the color violet. The first one's juice looks a lot like nightlocks, which the second one is more purple, yet the third one is more red. Which one is poisonous?
  5. How good are you at climbing trees?
  6. You go to the fire making station to practice making fires. Where do you start?
  7. You go over to the spear throwing station until it is time to go back to your compartment. When you get trere your mentor said that 4 people want you as their ally, including your district partner. Who do you choose? (The 3 others are the female from 11 and both from 12)
  8. Can you shoot a bow?
  9. Can you hit a target with a knife?
  10. How heavy weights can you lift with one arm?
  11. Can you hit a target with a spear?
  12. Can you paint? Are you good at camouflage?
  13. At your privite session what do you do?
  14. Don't forget to take the next quiz to find out if you survived the Hunger Games!!

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Quiz topic: What is my Hunger Games Training Score?