Hunger Games Ultimate Fan Quiz

Yes, you've seen the movie, read the books. But are you the ultimate fan? Find out how well you know your hunger games with the Hunger Games Ultimate Fan Quiz!

How well do you know the history of the nation of Panem? Hardly any facts? Or so much it's creepy? Take this test to find out, it only takes a few minutes!

Created by: Lily
  1. What year did Annie Cresta win the Hunger Games?
  2. Who received the most expensive gift ever given to a tribute in the Games?
  3. Based on the previous question, what was the gift?
  4. What is Johanna dressed up as for her district at the 75th hunger games?
  5. On the elevator, what does Peeta claim Katniss of being?
  6. At the 75th games, they finds out the arena was a clock. Who was it that discovered this first?
  7. Why is Annie Cresta mentally disturbed?
  8. Who visits Katniss in Catching Fire heading to district 13?
  9. What is Katniss's favorite bread?
  10. What does Plutarch show Katniss at the capitol party in Catching Fire?

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