How well do you know " The Hunger Games" trilogy

This quiz is to examine your hunger games knowledge. It is purely for entertainment purposes and is not validated by Suzanne Collins or Lionsgate. Please enjoy

Are you a victor? Or will You not succeed in the task at hand. Good luck. And have fun. And in the words of Claudius Templesmith " Let the Games begin"

Created by: amazon
  1. In The Hunger Games, how many tributes are killed in the bloodbath?
  2. In THG who kills rue?
  3. In THG how many notes does rues 'quitting time' tune have?
  4. In THG where does Cato cut Peeta?
  5. In THG how many tributes remain when Claudius Templesmith announces the feast?
  6. In Catching Fire what does Katniss leave for Gale at the start of the trail to the lake?
  7. In CF what does Haymitch Do when Katniss suggests a rebellion
  8. In CF what does Finnick say when they first meet?
  9. In CF who's picture is in the locket?
  10. In CF what are the last words Gale says to Katniss?
  11. In Mockingjay what are the names of the two presidents
  12. In book 3 where is Peeta in the beginning?
  13. In book 3 what three types of arrows does Katniss have?
  14. In book 3 where is Katniss sent when Peeta returns?
  15. In Mockingjay where do the children in the epilogue play?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know " The Hunger Games" trilogy