Do you know The Hunger Games?

Some people claim that they are fans of Suzanne Collin's best selling trilogy, The Hunger Games. True fans will do pretty well on this quiz, while fake fans will fail.

Are YOU a fan? Quiz yourself and your friends, to see exactly how much you know about all 3 books of the Hunger Games trilogy! WARNING: If you haven't read the books, there may be some spoilers!

Created by: Hazel
  1. North America was torn apart by war, and changed 50 states into 12 districts. What is this country called?
  2. Who is Madge Undersee?
  3. What is an Avox?
  4. Buttercup is....
  5. Finnick Odair is from which district?
  6. What does Katniss's district specialize in?
  7. Who does Katniss meet in the woods to hunt?
  8. Who is Lavinia?
  9. How many districts did Panem originally have?
  10. Who are the tributes reaped for the 75th Hunger Games?
  11. Peeta loses his leg in the first book. True or False?
  12. How was Seneca Crane punished for the 74th Hunger Games?

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Quiz topic: Do I know The Hunger Games?