ho well do you know the games

do you think you know about the hunger games or do you know that you know everything about the hunger games... well dont be so sure about that take this test to find out

are you ready to challenge your memory that may be bad or like me you may have read the book a million times well take this test to find out is you are a mega fan

Created by: becca

  1. who were the last four people in the arena
  2. how did glimmer die
  3. who is Seneca crane
  4. how did katnisses father die
  5. who wrote the hunger games
  6. why does katniss go back to the hunger games
  7. why is peeta mad at katniss in the end
  8. what are carreres
  9. what are carreres
  10. what are mocking jays
  11. why were the hunger games made
  12. what was katniss named after
  13. what was katniss named after
  14. what is district 12's symbol

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Quiz topic: Ho well do I know the games