Would You Have Survived The Hunger Games?

Do you ever read or watch the Hunger Games trilogy and wonder, 'Would I survive the Hunger Games?' You don't have to wonder anymore! These are true straightforward results with easy to understand questioning and results that are selected for your persona.

This is possibly the most accurate quiz, with statistics based on the personality of previous Victors. Questions are simple and don't require a ton of thought. Please take this quiz, and ENJOY!

Created by: Gryffindorgirl_7572
  1. What are you doing just before the reaping?
  2. What District are you from?
  3. (continued)What District are you from?
  4. Weapon of choice for the Games?
  5. Caeser Flickerman's best friend is...
  6. Who is the HOTTEST Hunger Games boy/girl?
  7. Best book?
  8. Best movie?
  9. What are you wearing as you parade through the streets on your chariot?
  10. Are you more like a mentor or tribute?

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