How Well Do You Know the Zelda Games?

Zelda is the awesomest game series ever, so I made a quiz for people who play Zelda games. So, I think you should do this quiz if you want to see if you know enough about Zelda games.

Speaking of which, I have a fresh bag of popcorn in my lap. Oh, wait a minute. That had nothing to do with Zelda games at all. Well, anyway I have a fresh bag of popcorn in my lap, and I am sitting on the toilet with my pants pulled down. Oh, come on! Now my popcorn is soaked!

Created by: carifoo01

  1. Which Zelda game has Medlee in it?
  2. What/Who is Zelda?
  3. What was the 1st dungeon in Ocarina of Time?
  4. Where do you start in Wind Waker?
  5. What/Who is Midna?
  6. What/Who is Enoko?
  7. Who do you fight at the end of Twilight Princess?
  8. What does Majora's Mask do?
  9. What color are Link's clothes?
  10. Which character(s) are you able to play in Super Smash Bros Melee?
  11. How does Ganon die in Wind Waker?
  12. How many Zelda games are there?
  13. Where do you 1st see Ganon in Wind Waker?
  14. Where do you start in Skyward Sword?
  15. What are you wearing when you start Wind Waker?
  16. In what game do you save the Deku Princess?
  17. What console is Phantom Hourglass origionally on?
  18. Why do you turn into a wolf in Twilight Princess?
  19. Is a triple hookshot real?
  20. Which console is a Link to the Past origionally on?
  21. How do you start the game in (almost) every game?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know the Zelda Games?