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There are few young men that can truthfully say they have traveled through time, rescued princesses, defeated evil wizards and dark lords, all while wearing a green dress! Actually, there are quite a few, if you consider the franchise's games. ENTER: THE LEGEND OF ZELDA QUIZ!

There are seven sages, a couple hundred wise men, three triforces, after all. But how many of the TRUE, hardcore, bad-to-the-bone Zelda fans can pass this quiz? I warn you, this quiz is for only the most die hard Zelda efficionados. You have been warned, adventurers.

Created by: Penn Moscovitz
  1. In Wind Waker, who develops a crush on a Miniblin?
  2. In A Link to the Past, what happens when Link first enters the Dark World?
  3. Which Wind Waker Boss features live vocalists in its fight theme?
  4. In Twilight Princess, what is the chief export of the Kakariko Village Gorons?
  5. Who is the only one of Link's friends that opens up his own shop?
  6. Which Zelda Game featured Mysterious Shells?
  7. Which Zelda game had a time limit?
  8. What is the origin of Link's green hat?
  9. Which game was Link NOT a part of?
  10. What is the name of Link's horse?
  11. What was the widely traded collectible in The Minish Cap?
  12. What item was featured ONCE and never put into any other Zelda games?
  13. Which was the first Zelda game that featured Link with the ability to jump?
  14. Which two wise old men teach Link to fight?
  15. Lastly, what tribe was Ganondorf born to?

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