Hunger Games - Test your knowledge

Do you absolutely LOVE the Hunger Games trilogy? Do you know those books by heart? Take this quiz to find out how many of the details you have memorized!!!

Rules: For each question, pick the best answer. Take all the time you need. Each question has one and only one correct choice. You may not use the books! May the odds be ever in your favor!

Created by: Gabby
  1. What is the last word in Part 1? (book 1)
  2. What occupies the 2-3 o'clock wedge? (book 2)
  3. Which is NOT one of the 7 living victors? (book 3)
  4. How many times do Katniss and Gale kiss in book 2?
  5. Who does NOT die on day 1 of the games? (book 1)
  6. Who does NOT go with the "Star Squad" to the Capitol? (book 3)
  7. How many chilren does Katniss have? (book 3)
  8. Who is the last to die in the 2nd quarter quell? (book 2)
  9. How old is Haymitch? (book 1)
  10. What is the mayor's wife's maiden name? (book 2)
  11. What is an ingredient in Greasy Sae's "winter specialty?" (book 1)

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