Which Hunger Games Character Matches Your Heart?

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A lot of Hunger Games quizzes match you with a character based off of likes, dislikes, and will to survive. This one is different. Do you want to find out how?

Some of us wish we could live in the Hunger Games world, and others of us know we wouldn't make it so well. However, you don't have to have pure fire lighting your soul in order to survive!

Created by: rhouser

  1. Staring off deep: how do you handle unwanted emotions?
  2. Now let's have a happy one: Which treat is your favorite food?
  3. Does you follow your heart or your head?
  4. What winds you down after a hard day?
  5. Easy question (or is it?): Do you care for others' lives?
  6. Puppies?
  7. Friends?
  8. A very hard one: Would you kill another human?
  9. What do you need most to survive (Mentally, not literally)?
  10. And, let's end on a lighter note: What's your favorite creature?

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Quiz topic: Which Hunger Games Character Matches my Heart?