Which Hunger Games Character are you?

This quiz is on what character you are most like from the Hunger Games. If you know the characters then you know most of them have some great qualities and some bad ones, come find out who you are!

Come and fiind out which character form the Hunger Games you are most like. I hope you enjoy it and like your result. If you don't like your result then try again and really think about what you are really like.

Created by: Helen
  1. Can you do stuff without your friends?
  2. Could you choose over your two fav foods?
  3. Do you like the outdoors?
  4. Do you like rollercoasters?
  5. Have you read the hunger games books?
  6. Do you like trying new things?
  7. Do you hate loosing stuff or have a hard time giving things away?
  8. What kind of pet would you like?
  9. What sport do you play?
  10. Why do you like the Hunger games?
  11. If you could choose one thing to take on a deserted Island with you what would it be?
  12. Do you like to read the books or watch the movies (for any book/movie)
  13. How much did you like this book/movie?

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Quiz topic: Which Hunger Games Character am I?