Which hunger games character are you

The hunger games is one of the coolest series ever. But, have you really thought about the tributes personalities? Each have there own distinct one.

But which tribute are you? Have you ever thought about it? Well with this awesome quiz, you'll find out! Note, no characters that are not tributes are get able.

Created by: Zara Verthicha
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which district are you from?
  2. Which weapon do you use?
  3. What are you wearing at the interview?
  4. The games begin! You
  5. How would you describe yourself?
  6. A drunk Haymitch comes up to you and saying things like you stink exc. you
  7. Your thoughts on Effie trinket
  8. Of the choices, choose.
  9. Who do you want out of these?
  10. Again?
  11. Did you like the quiz? No effect

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