Will you survive the hunger games.

Will you survive the Hungergames or not Take this quiz to find out, there is a chance that you can die though so make smart and not stupid decisions.

What weapon will you fight with? Would you win a fight? Will you win the game? Will you have to Kill friends and also family to win the game, will you die for them instead.

Created by: HelenaGirl

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  1. You start the game what do you do
  2. You see someone what do you do
  3. You see guy sleeping with good supplies what do you do
  4. Fog is following you, but one of your team mates can't walk what do you do
  5. It's night time and you haven't sleeped in 2 days what do you do
  6. your on a beach and your thirsty what do you do
  7. If you can eat any of these than what
  8. You see a pile of supplies that just lieing around do you take it of not
  9. What thing would you chose to fight with
  10. If you win what would you think

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Quiz topic: Will I survive the hunger games.