Hunger Games Survival Test

Outof the Millions you hav been chosen to be the representitve of District 12! Enter the Hunger Games and try and survive with all you got! There are obstacles and decisions

Are you a fighter? A thinker! A creater of passion? You require all the above mentioned to survive! Will you survive will you not? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: sahl
  1. You Enter The Arena... You See Ahead Of You A Array Of Weapons and A Jungle Beyond Where'd you go?
  2. You're in half an hour throught he maze. What do you do know
  3. You hear shuffling! Its an opponent She seems skilled
  4. You are see someone struggle U are uncertain if he's a fake
  5. You see a fog, the poisonous type. You run for it, and bump into a force field
  6. You are 2 days in the game, you need sponserers. How do you try to earn them
  7. The game is almost over there is only two teams left... Yours and District 2 Then plan an ambush on you and hold a knife to your throat
  8. A pack of wolves attack at you
  9. A week passes, you enter a mind manipulated place. Anything you think of could be fatal. U distract your mind by thinking of... (Read Carefully)
  10. Its the last two... You and your ally... Choose wisely...

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