The Hunger Games - Test your noticing skills.

Ok this is a quiz about the Hunger Games in case you didn't notice and it's just to test your knowledge on the books, flims, etc to see if you are and HG know-all.

So just play my quiz and find out if you can beat it. It has easy and hard facts in it about 50/50 so try it and see where you stand on the table of HG know-all's.

Created by: Dorrie Bubb
  1. Ok, first one up is easy. What is Katniss's sister called?
  2. What is Prim's cat called?
  3. What does Finnick give Katniss when they first meet?
  4. Ok here's a tough one... What does Katniss give Gale's mum in the second book?
  5. What does Johanna nickname Wiress?
  6. Who act's Peeta in the films?
  7. Who is Ceaser Flickermen's Co-Host?
  8. In the first book, Rue gets killed. Who killed her?
  9. Who is the male tribute from District 7 in the second book?
  10. Who is Finnick's Betroved?
  11. What is Haymitch's favourite drink?
  12. In the third book, Mockingjay, who is the leader of District 13?

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Quiz topic: The Hunger Games - Test my noticing skills.