The hunger games test

The hunger games is a very popular book and movie series and this quiz will show you how well you know it. I'm a fanatic so if you're anything like me you'll get 100% YAY my requirement for this one is done... onto the next one -.-

Are you a fan? Well find out with this quiz!.. I know that's so lame but idk what to say. Please enjoy my singing until I'm done WHEN YOU'RE READY COME AND GET IT NANANANA! NANANAANA!

Created by: Katpiss Everdeen

  1. What is the fictional nation that the story takes place in?
  2. How many districts are there? (Mentioned in the first book)
  3. How many tributes are chosen to participate in the hunger games from each district?
  4. Who did katniss volunteer for during the reaping?
  5. What anniversary of the hunger games does this book take place in?
  6. What is katniss's sisters name?
  7. Who is the male tribute selected to join her in the arena from her district?
  8. Who is her mentor in the games, who is the only victor ever from her district?
  9. What is the age range in which the tributes are chosen from?
  10. Where in the country does the hunger games take place?
  11. How many total tributes are there in the arena?
  12. As the games start, what is the area with survival supplies called as people compete to get there alive?
  13. How many tributes die in the first few minutes after they get their supplies from (the answer to the last question)
  14. What is signaled to notify everyone that a tribute has died?
  15. What is a career district?
  16. What is the name of the girl that katniss makes an alliance with after she helps katniss kill off 3 enemies?
  17. How does this girl die?
  18. What district is the girl from?
  19. What district is katniss from?
  20. What is the new rule added after the girl dies?
  21. After finding her fellow male tribute, what does she see?
  22. Who are the final 2 tributes?
  23. When the announcement was made that the rule was revoked and only one person could win, what does she do?
  24. Does katniss win?
  25. Does she win with another person?
  26. What is her nickname given to her before the games?
  27. How old is katniss in the first book?
  28. What is the symbol of hope for katniss?
  29. What is the hunger games motto/slogan?
  30. Who is the author of the hunger games?

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