What Hunger games charecter qre you

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24 people were in the games.6 charecters will be chosen. Who are you.Are you snow,rue,Peeta,katniss,Primrose or Finnick? Will you be a winner or loser or not even in

Many quizzed people have tested on tests.But this is ulitmate hunger games personality test. Are you a cooking king like Peeta,or a trident man like Finnick. Let us find out

Created by: CJ

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  1. Would you save a person's life if you risked yours
  2. Who is most important
  3. What tribe in the games would you be in
  4. Who is more evil
  5. Is Gale or Peeta your favorite boy
  6. Who is your favorite girl
  7. What is your element
  8. What do you do in :he arena
  9. It is down to the last two. He or she is your ally. You.....
  10. If you won, what would say about Panem

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