Are you a true Hunger Games fan?

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Everyone loves the hunger games series, but few people know squat about what isn't in the big screen. Take this quiz to see how much you really know about the huge games.

I am a huge hunger games fantic, I have the book memorized on the back of my hand. Do you? And I have ran out of things to say. XD #hungergames #peeta #thatakwardmomentwhen #nightlock

Created by: PsychFanGirl
  1. Let's start out simple, what was Katniss's father's name?
  2. What was Katniss named after?
  3. What is Suzanne Collins middle name?
  4. The Capitol is said the be located where?
  5. What is Johanna's last name?
  6. Who out of the following die in Mockingjay ?
  7. In the hunger games, Foxfire ranked what place?
  8. Beetee & Wiress came from district __
  9. President Snow smelled of...
  10. What was Cinna's prep teams names?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Hunger Games fan?