How much of a Hunger Games Fan are you?

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The Hunger Games has taken the wold by phenomenon! There's fashion, politics, first love, a LOVE TRIANGLE, and of course poverty, violence, blood, tears... Lucky it's only fiction, right!

One question remains! Are you a Hunger Games Super Fan? Do you know your nightlock from your blueberries? Your Peeta from your Gale? Find out if your are truly part of the fandom in ten questions! May the Odds be Ever in your Favour!

Created by: Casey

  1. What is the first name of President Coin?
  2. Who does Katniss meet near the lake in Catching Fire?
  3. What does District 9 specialise in?
  4. Why can't Katniss call Haymitch in the Victors Village?
  5. The Careers is a name used to describe the tributes from what district/s?
  6. Finnick...
  7. Who is Buttercup?
  8. Which of these songs was featured somewhere in the movie series?
  9. Who wrote the Hunger Games books?
  10. Last Question! In the last book, Greasy Sae visits Katniss at her house. Who does she bring with her?

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Quiz topic: How much of a Hunger Games Fan am I?