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For all the theatrical fans out there, you've arrived at our theater quiz page. Includes musicals, dramas, comedies, and more. Note that we don't have much content here yet, but more will be added in time.

Our Theatre Quizzes

  • Lyrics Quiz (Hamilton Edition)!
    [by: Spinny, rated: rated: 4.38/5, published: Jun 8, 2017]

    Ever listened to Hamilton? Do you know Hamilton a little? Do you brag to your friends that you are a complete Hamilton expert? Take this quiz to see if you…

  • How well do you know Hamilton?
    [by: Hamilfan, rated: rated: 3.49/5, published: Oct 17, 2016]

    Many people (okay, not that many people) claim to be true Hamilfans, but we both know what we know, which is that only a fraction of the people reading this…

  • Which Musical Character That I Project Onto Are You?
    [by: jurassicparkour, rated: rated: 3.2/5, published: Oct 13, 2017]

    This quiz will match you with a well-known character from musical theater, such as Seymour (Little Shop) or Jack (Newsies).

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