How well do you know Hamilton?

Many people (okay, not that many people) claim to be true Hamilfans, but we both know what we know, which is that only a fraction of the people reading this now are.

If you think you are truly obsessed with Hamilton, if you have the cast album and some of the songs that got cut (Congratulations) memorized, prove it by getting 100% on this quiz.

Created by: Hamilfan
  1. Alexander Hamilton: How did Alexander's cousin die?
  2. Aaron Burr, Sir: How many years did it take Aaron Burr to graduate?
  3. My Shot: What jewel does Alexander compare himself to?
  4. The Story of Tonight: What doesn't get a glass raised to it?
  5. The Schuyler Sisters: What season is the song implied to take place in?
  6. Farmer Refuted: Which historical event is vaguely referenced in this song?
  7. You'll Be Back: Which historical event is less vaguely referenced in this song?
  8. Right Hand Man: Who did Aaron Burr work for before applying for a job with George Washington?
  9. A Winter's Ball: What pet is Martha Washington rumored to have named after Alexander?
  10. Helpless: Which physical feature of Alexander's is Eliza immediately drawn to?
  11. Satisfied: Which of the following isn't a reason why Angelica lets Eliza have Hamilton?
  12. The Story of Tonight (Reprise): Who is the worst?
  13. Wait For It: Where is Theodosia's husband?
  14. Stay Alive: What dies Hercules Mulligan say he is going to do after the war?
  15. Ten Duel Commandments: What is the 2nd duel commandment?
  16. Meet Me Inside: Which other person badmouthed Washington?
  17. That Would Be Enough: Why (other than the fact that Hamilton snapped at him) did Washington send Hamilton home?
  18. Guns and Ships: Hamilton is fluent in what language other than English?
  19. History Has Its Eyes On You: Which of the following lines was first song in this song and is repeated the most throughout the show?
  20. Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down): Which of the following is not a reason Hamilton realizes he needs to stay alive
  21. What Comes Next: Which of the following colors is mentioned in the song?
  22. Dear Theodosia: Who is Burr's daughter, Theodosia named after?
  23. Non-Stop: Who are Burr and Hamilton defending at the beginning of the song?
  24. I want to get this out ASAP, so I'm gonna just do the first act and a couple of trivias, click the option that says COOL to earn the point
  25. Trivia: Which Schuyler sister wore a sunflower dress to the Tony Awards?
  26. Trivia: To promote his other musical, In The Heights, Lin Manuel Miranda made a parody to which High School Musical song?
  27. Trivia: What food did Lin dress up as in a short produced by The Electric Company?
  28. Trivia: In a #Ham4Ham, Daveed and Lin switched roles for one song, which one?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Hamilton?