What Hamilton Character Are You?!?!

Hamilton is a fantabulous history of the creation of the United States, following the life of Alexander Hamilton. He was the first Treasurer of America and George Washington’s right hand man

Who are you in this history? Your personality fits with one of the ten significant historical figures presented in this quiz. Figure which one by answering these simple questions!!!

Created by: QuynhieSenpai of Peggy da God
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  1. Let’s be blunt. Who do you want to get?
  2. Role play time! If you caught your significant other cheating, what would you do?
  3. Who is your best friend, out of these choices?
  4. Which of these described you?
  5. What is your worst quality?
  6. In your opinion, who’s is the true protagonist of the story?
  7. Would you ever sacrifice Alex for Eliza, if you were Angelica?
  8. Is Mariah Reynolds a bad person?
  9. Who is your favorite Schuyler Sister?
  10. Do you belive Alex made the right choice to stay behind when Eliza and Angelica offered him a visit to their father?
  11. Philip is a precious smol turtle boi. Do you agree?
  12. Did Jefferson do the wrong thing in declaring Burr as not Vice President?
  13. Do you ship LAMS?
  14. Did you like this quiz? (It affects the score heheheheh because it shows who you are as a person)

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Quiz topic: What Hamilton Character am I?!?!