Which Hamilton Schuyler Sister are you?

Want to know which Hamilton Schuyler Sister you are? Well now you can! Take this quiz and find out which Hamilton Schuyler Sister you are with a few questions!

Are you Peggy? Are you Angelica? Are you Eliza? Well find out right how! Youll know after taking this quiz! Hope you enjoy! Now, take the quiz!!!!!!!!

Created by: Gwen
  1. Which quote?
  2. Which word describes you?
  3. Rich or Poor?
  4. Which song?
  5. Which song without women?
  6. Which Hamilton male?
  7. Which enemy of Hamilton?
  8. Which of Hamiltons love interests?
  9. Which song?
  10. Which song?

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Quiz topic: Which Hamilton Schuyler Sister am I?